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Activities around Elveseter

We strive for that all our guests have a rich experience during their stay at Elveseter. Here are some of the activities available at the hotel and surrounding area.


Many of our guests visit in order to climb Galdhopiggen, the highest mountain in Norway. Trips can be arranged with Juvasshytta as starting point, just half an hour drive from the hotel. Daily hikes to climb Galdhopiggen can be arranged from there during the summer season. For more information click here.

Other popular destinations for our guests include Glttertind, Besseggen and Kyrkja by Leirvassbu.

Photo: Espen Mills/Matlangsnasjonaleturistveger.no/ Visitnorway.com

Climbing park

Galdopiggen Climbing Park is situated fifteen minutes drive away. The park has different climbing routes for different abilities, including for adults and children. Read more.

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Wine tasting

We offer wine tasting in two different price categories for our specially imported wines. You will taste the wines, become familiar with the grapes and vineyards, and learn about pairing wines with different dishes. Wine tastings must be pre-booked. Please contact us with enquiries.


In Dumdalen, twenty minutes drive from Elveseter Hotel, you will find grottos and caves that were formed 10,000 years ago during the ice age. Experience weird rock formations and travel into the deeps of the mountain, where the only light is from your headlight. Read more about caving here.

Photo: Skiinformarmatie.nl

Summer skiing

Galhopiggen Summer Ski Center is located half an hours drive from Elveseter Hotel. It is a modern ski center with all facilities, including rental of skiing equipment. Click here for more information.

Excursion to Lom

The town of Lom, half an hours drive from Elveseter Hotel, offers many sights worthy of an excursion. We recommend a tour of Lom Stave Church, and education visit to the Norwegian Mountain Center or shopping for souvenirs at Fossheim Rock Center. Between visits there is also time for tasty treats at the Bakery in Lom.

Art Gallery

The Elveseter Family has accumulated a significant art collection and farming antiques from the 1800’s. The hotel features art by Adolph Tiedemand (see above), Anders Monsen, Oscar Arnold Wergeland and Nils Gustav Wentzel.

The hotel also contains a collection of older traditional crafts, including cupboards made by the woodcutter Skjak-Ola.

Photo: Håvard Myklebust – Visitnorway.com

Glacier Hikes

Experience the mighty glaciers at close hand, safely guided by certified guides. Experience crevasses, caves and towers in the ice, crawl through ice tunnels or climb an icewall using ice-axes. The hike will be organised around participants experience and ability. Read more about glacier hikes here.

Climate Park

At the foot of Galdopiggen you can visit the Climate Park, which provides guided tours through the park and a 60 meter long tunnel under ice that is 6000 years old.  Read more and order tickets here.

Photo: CH – Visitnorway.com

Mountain excursions

If you wish to experience Jotunheimen on your own, we can help you find routes that fit your needs.

For those who want to climb to the very top there are many options, as Elveseter is centrally located near 40 mountains over 2000 meters. Our partner guides can take you on different hikes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Photo: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/Visitnorway.com

Rafting the Sjoa river

Through Sjoa rafting and Heidal rafting it is possible to book a trip down the Sjoa River you will not forget. Choose between quiet family tours or wild trips that will give you a real adrenaline shock.


There are plenty of delightful fishing lakes in the mountains, where you can catch mountain trout. More information on options as well as fishing licenses can be had from Lom Fjellstyre.

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS – Visitnorway.com

Horseback riding

Experience nature on horseback! Raubergstulen, approximately fifteen minutes drive from Elveseter offers guided tours on Iceland Ponies. Read more here

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