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This is Elveseter Arts and Culture Hotel

Elveseter is one of the more unique hotels in Norway. We offer our guests a combination of unique art, excellent meals and spectacular nature to give them an unforgettable experience.

The art

The Elveseter Family has always been interested in art. Through generations the hotel has acquired a unique collection of exhibits.

This cultural heritage creates a special atmosphere in the hotel’s common areas.

The collection also includes two beautiful carved cupboards by the famous woodcarver Skjak-Ola.

You can also view national romantic art by the painters Gustav Wentzel and Adolph Tiedemand.

The most striking piece of art at the hotel is probably Sagasoylen – which soars 34 meters in the air outside the hotel. Read more about it here.

The menu

Our cuisine is meant to mirror the unique atmosphere and spectacular nature that surrounds us.

Our menu is built on using local ingredients while combining our approach with neat ideas from home and abroad.

We serve a three course meal every day, but we can alter this to suit guest requests. Contact us if you wish to order from our special events menu.

We offer a selection of handpicked wines, which we import ourselves from small producers in northern Italy.

These are vineyards that emphasize quality at all stages of production, preservation of traditions, sustainable agriculture combined with modern equipment to produce wine in an environmentally friendly manner. These wines create a special experience for our guests.

The producers come from Italy’s best wine regions, particularly Langhe and Roero in Piedmont and Toscana in the Chianti region.

The nature

Elveseter is situated in a side valley to Boverdalen, which is considered the entrance gate to Jotunheimen National Park.

Photo: CH – Visitnorway.com

This large mountanous region contains 29 of the highest mountains in Norway, including Galdhopiggen (2469 meters above sealevel) and Glittertind (2457 meters).
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Visitnorway.com
Many guests use Elveseter Hotel as their starting point for the spectacular hike over Besseggen or to the characteristic mountain Kyrkja.

The area presents many opportunities for wonderful nature experiences for beginners as well as more experienced mountaneers.

Read more about nature experiences here.

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Visitnorway.com

The history of Elveseter

The old family farm Elveseter has received guests since the 1870’s.

The hotel is managed by Inger and Rungne Elveseter, as the sixth generation in the family. Rungne’s parents Jessie and Amund, build Elveseter Hotel into a nationally recognised tourism destination.

Throughout the years guests from all social backgrounds have visited Elveseter – including kings and queens, heads of state and internationally acclaimed explorers.

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